CPDE ICSOs Study on Impacts of Covid-19 on CSOs effectiveness: Full Report

The CPDE International Civil Society Organisations (ICSOs) sector has released its study One Year On: COVID-19 has made CSOs’ effectiveness harder on many fronts: A CPDE study on the impacts of the pandemic.

This full report offers a snapshot from the point of view primarily of ICSOs of the global pandemic’s far-reaching effects, one year on, on this constituency’s ability to play its part, seen through the lens of the development effectiveness agenda.

CPDE ICSOs study cover

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Research and Reports
Tags: civil societyCoronavirusCovidCovid-19CPDECSOdevelopment cooperationdevelopment effectivenessEffective development cooperationICSOICSOsSDGssustainable developmentSustainable Development Goals

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