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Accountability Mechanisms

As a unified community of civil society organisations, we believe in the principles of multiple accountability. As much as we are accountable to donors, benefactors, and other stakeholders, we are also accountable to our internal constituencies. In this spirit, the Independent Accountability Committee (IAC) was established in order to ensure that all aspects of accountability and transparency within the platform are in place.

Programme Reports

From a CSO perspective, much of the advantage and potential for achievements of the GPEDC lies in its inclusiveness – embodied in its multi-stakeholder character. But this is not a given. Civil society needs to continue to advocate for a more accountable multi-stakeholder framework for development and development cooperation. For civil society, a key element for any reform is the pursuit by governments of minimum standards to ensure an enabling environment for their participation, specifically in areas of democratic ownership, from a national to a global level.

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