2022 Effective Development Cooperation Global Synthesis Report

This report contains a collection of seven (7) reports submitted by country focal points of the CSO Partnership for Development Effectiveness (CPDE) for the year 2022: Albania, the Philippines, Tanzania, India, Argentina, Zimbabwe and Palestine.

It features an introduction that provides a context to the country reports and a conclusion that synthesises the reports and connects them with CPDE actions and initiatives at the global level, as well as effective development cooperation (EDC) in general. This report seeks to assess CPDE’s work in various countries in 2022, the synergy of the platform’s country work with the global level in the same year and how CPDE’s country work relates to EDC.

The report shows that CPDE’s country focal points contributed to three (3) work areas, classified according to advocacy priorities: (1) Effective Development Cooperation (EDC) commitments and Agenda 2030, (2) CSO development effectiveness (DE) and accountability and (3) CSO enabling environment (EE).

This set of priorities by CPDE country focal points mirrors that of the CPDE at the global level. The actions and initiatives in various countries exhibit a level of synergy with CPDE’s actions and initiatives at the global level. This report also
shows that CPDE country focal points’ actions and initiatives in 2022 contributed to advancing EDC.

2022 EDC SYNTHESIS cover

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CSO Development Cooperation

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Research and Reports

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