The Global Secretariat

The Global Secretariat supports the daily management and finances of the CSO Partnership. It is currently hosted by IBON International as CPDE’s Fiscal Management Organisation (FMO). To read the Terms of Reference of the FMO, please access it here:

Executive Secretary

Robert is responsible for the day-to-day direction, coordination, implementation, control and completion of activities of CPDE’s programme, based on the platform’s strategic objectives and outcomes.

Jodel Dacara

Network Manager

As Network Manager, Jodel ensures the day-to-day operations of the Global Secretariat, as well as synergy and coordination across all CPDE constituencies and governance structures.

Matt Simonds

Senior Policy Officer and Liaison

Matt provides policy formulation, oversight, and advising for CPDE’s advocacy campaigns, workshops, and publications on effective development cooperation. He also liaises with policy arenas, especially in its engagements with GPEDC, UN, and OECD, while helping organise advocacy and campaign events and activities.

Maty Dominong

Finance Manager

Maty supervises the entire range of finance duties for CPDE: from budget preparation and funds release, to project finance monitoring, compliance with audit and procurement policies, and expenditure reporting.

Marc Ignacio

Deputy Programme Manager and Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Officer

Responsible for the monitoring and ensuring quality and timely inputs. Develops systematic monitoring framework to improve the evidence gathered by the projects. Responsible for designing and implementing the M&E activities. Assists the Program Manager and EC Project Manager in preparing Annual reports and monitors the project activities.

Leo Pura

European Commission Project Manager

Leo coordinates CPDE’s programme cycle of planning, monitoring, and implementation, and evaluation, ensuring that outputs are aligned with the platform’s performance framework. He develops tools for monitoring and evaluating CPDE’s progress in the achievement of its programme outcomes. He also serves as the Programme Manager for European Commission-supported actions.

Josefina Villegas

Policy and Membership Coordinator

As Policy and Membership Coordinator, Josefina provides CPDE with the necessary coordination and membership engagement to advance its policy advocacy objectives.

Glenis Balangue

Capacity Development Coordinator

Glenis helps organise initiatives that build the capacities of the CPDE membership to engage in activities around effective development cooperation. She works closely with the Network Manager to evaluate the needs of the constituents, and provide the necessary support for their active participation in the platform.

Daniela Sepulveda

Communications and Capacity Development Officer

Daniela produces and publishes materials promoting CPDE’s advocacy, and supporting its network management, capacity development, and programme and finance work. She coordinates with relevant regional and sectoral focal points, and Task Forces in bridging information exchange, between the various levels of CPDE constituencies. She also provides support to Capacity Development needs as requested by Network Manager/Capacity Development Coordinator.

Margaret Yarcia

Communications Manager

Meg manages the communications component of CPDE’s advocacies and campaigns, and facilitates the implementation of its knowledge management strategy. Guided by the platform’s approach to promoting effective development cooperation, she oversees the design and development of its communication materials, including publications, news releases, and digital multimedia.

Wigen Echual

Programme Assistant

As Programme Assistant, Wigen provides assistance in all of the Programme Manager/Officers tasks requiring administrative support, such as logistics preparation for meetings and events, document archiving, documentation of meetings and conferences, budget preparation, disbursements and liquidation, and other tasks as may be deemed necessary by the Secretariat.

Alvin Villamor


Alvin helps ensure CPDE’s active online presence especially by maintaining a dynamic and interactive website. He also manages internal communications and knowledge management systems through the administration of mailing lists, and provides communications support through the design of CPDE’s information materials.

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