Disclaimer: Each week, the CPDE Communications Team gathers development cooperation content for its members and partners. Inclusion of articles and statements in the resulting digest is not always an endorsement of the views presented, and might also be a call for civil society response and alternative positions.


Development Cooperation News Roundup – 11 December 2023

Featuring the new CPDE publication on the private sector in development, its analysis of the HLM3, publications on freedom of association and foundations taking climate action, and good reads on Gaza, the need for aid in Myanmar, people power under attack, and more!


Development Cooperation News Roundup – 4 December, 2023

Events on ethical AI, human rights violations in the Middle East, publications on the freedom of association, the historic decision on indigenous ancestral lands in Ecuador, good reads on the historical contribution to climate change, the conflict in Burkina Faso, Henry Kissinger, podcasts on IMF-WBG and inequality, and protests in the time of war.

group photo PSW GS launch 23 nov

Development Cooperation News Roundup – 27 November, 2023

Featuring the launch of CPDE’s Private Sector Watch Synthesis Report, a landmark decision on the right to strike, a historic UN Tax vote, statements on the road to COP28, calls and consultancies, good reads and podcasts on climate, Argentinean democracy, and hunger in Chad, and many more!


Development Cooperation News Roundup – 13 November, 2023

Featuring: The launch of CPDE Private Sector Watch Global Synthesis Report 2023, statements around tax justice, and the OECD DAC HLM, the International Center for Not-for-Profit Law’s legal library for CSOs and activists, CSO manifesto for AI, and actions and good reads on Gaza, the Pacific youth resistance around climate, PPPs, some job vacancies, and more!


Development Cooperation News Roundup – 6 November, 2023

Featuring CPDE’s new webpage on the Global Partnership national monitoring process (4MR), a series of talks on the road to COP28, a statement with over 200 organisations supporting a UN Tax Convention, an Open Letter from Funders for Ceasefire in Palestine, good reads on the climate crisis, podcasts on LGBTQI rights and on aid, and many more!


Development Cooperation News Roundup – 30 October 2023

Featuring several events around civil society and artificial intelligence, publications on the quality of European ODA, the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework for Prosperity (IPEF), the IMF-World Bank meetings, and good reads on mining in the Amazon, poverty and trade union rights, and many other events, articles, podcasts, and more!

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