Independent Accountability Committee 2022 REPORT

As the IAC releases this report, the global socioeconomic context has shifted from being covid-stricken and recovery-driven following the biggest health crisis for decades, to the rising cost of living, and conflict in Ukraine as key contributing fact or for unusual global inflation, dominating headlines. The World Food Programme has called 2022 ‘’a year of unprecedented hunger’’, leaving the goal of ending food insecurity by 2030 unrealistic at best in the absence of a more viable alternative to world governance. Whilst this may well offer a chance to radically change food systems2,it is also an opportunity to rethink social prosperity as a whole.

In April 2019,the CSO Partnership for Development Effectiveness through the Belgrade Call to Action was part of a wider civil society movement urging development partners to do just that. One of its key messages centred on real and transformative progress towards achieving the systemic changes for people and planet promised by Agenda 2030 being unlikely without a fully engaged civil society and people’s genuine participation through their organizations and communities.3The Platform has since engaged in, indeed it helped to lead, the Action Dialogues that have seen the Global Partnership for Effective Development Cooperation further driving steps towards faster impact.4

The report looks at the extent to which CPDE inbeing part of the solution, where it needs more focus to reach key objectivess upporting the effectiveness to impact agenda, and how its transparency and accountability policy5provides an essential foundation for the Platform to stay connected to, and deeply rooted in, issues that affect people’s lives.


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