CPDE’s road to the Effective Development Co-operation Summit 2022


The Third High Level Meeting (HLM3), likewise referred to as the ‘Effectiveness Summit’, of the Global Partnership for Effective Development Cooperation (GPEDC) will be held from December 12 to 14, 2022 in Geneva, Switzerland.

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The Geneva Statement on Building Trust for CSO Enabling Environment

The world is facing multiple crises in health, economy, geopolitics, equality and rights, and the environment…

Civil Society Statement on the 2022 Effectiveness Summit

Civil society recognises the 3rd High Level Meeting of the Global Partnership for Effective Development Cooperation…

What demands are we bringing to the HLM3?





What has happened before

GPEDC Co-Chairs Statement (New York)
True to its multistakeholders nature, GPEDC formalised the creation of the Non-Executive Co-Chair position that represents all non-State constituents. The Partnership also moved to focus its work at/on the country-level and created a workstream to improved and implement the Global Action Plan (GAP) as means to use the monitoring results, and to place a renewed and strengthened emphasis on time-bound targets of the effectiveness agenda.
Nairobi Outcome Document
During the Second GPEDC High Level Meeting, the Nairobi Declaration was approved. It pushed for universalising EDC and asked for accountability of all development actors in their commitments, with emphasis on the message of leaving no one behind.
Mexico HLM Communique
The First High-Level Meeting (HLMI) of the Global Partnership for Effective Development Co-operation was held in Mexico City. The outcome of this meeting was the Mexico Communique, which called on all development actors to pursue concrete actions towards inclusive and sustainable development results.
Busan Partnership for Effective Development Cooperation
The Busan Development Effectiveness Principles established the need for an EDC framework that would emphasise the contribution, responsibilities, ang unique roles of all stakeholders in development.
Accra Agenda
for Action
The Accra Agenda for Action was endorsed by countries that participated in the Third High-Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness in Ghana. The said document recognised the vital role of CSOs as development actors in their own right.
Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness
Adoption of the Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness, which established a monitoring system to assess progress and ensure that the donors and recipients hold each other accountable for their commitments.
Rome Declaration on Harmonisation
During the First High-Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness, the Rome Declaration on Harmonisation was endorsed. It centered around key principal commitments which include ensuring that development assistance with partner country profiles, and reviewing and amending policy, procedures, and practice to facilitate harmonisation.


The Formulation of Istanbul Principles, a statement of common values and approaches that should guide CSOs as independent actors. The principles are centered on core concepts of human rights, social justice, gender equality, democratic ownership, and environmental sustainability.

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HLM3 CSO Delegation

Beverly Longid
Indigenous Peoples Movement for Self-Determination and Liberation (IPMSDL)
Rosa Belen Agirregomezkorta
Centro de Estudios e Investigacion sobre Mujeres (CEIM)
Richard Ssewakiryanga
Justin Kilcullen
Social Justice Ireland
Marita Gonzalez
Confederacion General Del Trabajo Internacional
Blanche Simonny Abegue
Dynamique OSCAF-Gabon
David Tola Winjobi
CAFSO-WRAG for Development
Chinara Aitbaeva
Nash Vek Public Foundation
Shanta Laxmi Shrestha
Beyond Beijing Committee
Izabella Toth
Georgina Muñoz
Henry Morales
Movimiento Tzuz-Kim Pop
Anas El-Hasnaoui
Arab NGO Network for Development
Josaia Osborne
Pacific Islands Association of NGOs
Eva Ekelund
ACT Alliance
Nurgul Dzhanaeva
Forum of Women’s NGOs of Kyrgyzstan
Luca de Fraia
ActionAid Italy
Jiten Yumnam
Centre for Research and Advocacy Manipur
Aaron Ceradoy
Asia Pacific Mission for Migrants
Sylvia Mallari
People’s Coalition for Food Sovereignty
Jenison Urikhimbam
Youth Forum for the Protection of Human Rights (YFPHR)
Diego Lopez Gonzales
International Trade Union Confederation
Vitalice Meja
Reality of Aid Africa
Jennifer del Rosario-Malonzo
IBON International
Roberto Pinauin
Mariam Al-Jaja
Arab Group for the Protection of Nature
Sarah Torres
Reality of Aid Asia Pacific
Biljana Spasovska
Balkan Civil Society Development Network
Malena Fama
Red Encuentro
Nicola Paccamiccio
Deirdre de Burca
Brian Tomlinson
AidWatch Canada
Carelle-Peggy Mang-Benza
Cooperation Canada
Anne Gorety Anyango
Plan International-Africa
Francis Komi Akpa
Akio Takayanagi
Japan NGO Center for International Cooperation
Nerea Craviotto
European Network on Debt and Development
Kristina Lanz
Anton Aleksandrov Martinov
International Youth Alliance
Upakar Pandey
Center for Good Governance and Peace (CGGAP)
Eugene Ngalim
Cameroon Youths and Students Forum for Peace (CAMYOSFOP)
Ruben Quintanilla
Cristina Prego Tramuja
Asociación Nacional de ONG orientadas al desarrollo
Nurel Tagiev
Tania Sanchez
Red Coordinadora de la Mujer
Pefi Kingi
Thorsten Göbel
ACT Alliance
Richard Watts
Save the Children
Jakob Sundin
Penny Davies
Anabel Cruz
La Sociedad Civil
Marie Lisa Dacanay
Institute fo Social Entrepreneurship in Asia
Elomo Andela
Collectif des ONG pour la Sécurité Alimentaire et le Développement rural
Chilande Kuloba-Warria
Warande Advisory Centre
Patricia Akakpo
Network for Women’s Rights in Ghana
Hesbone Mburu Ndung’u
Africa Youth Trust
Matt Simonds
Josefina Villegas
Maria Teresa Dominong
Margaret Yarcia
Jodel Dacara


Anna Byhovskaya
Marc Cohen
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