CSO Accountability Documentation Project

The Working Group on CSO Development Effectiveness (WG on CSO DE) of the CSO Partnership for Development Effectiveness (CPDE) in collaboration with Voluntary Action Network India (VANI) launched the CSO Accountability Documentation Project as part of its mandate of spearheading the promotion and implementation of the Istanbul Principles, and the International Framework on CSO Development Effectiveness, among CSOs from different geographic and sectoral backgrounds. The group also covers advocacy and outreach activities in promoting CSOs work on their legitimacy, transparency and accountability, especially at the country-level where CSO work and practice are greatly felt and directly affecting the lives of the poor and marginalized.

The CSO Accountability Documentation Project was launched to highlight the importance of CSO accountability in advancing discussions on CSO DE, and how this agenda can be used by CSOs to concretely demonstrate their legitimacy, transparency and organizational effectiveness. The project also compiles evidences on how accountability and transparency were promoted by the CSO community in different country contexts, to strengthen CSOs’ diverse roles in development cooperation


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CSO Development Cooperation

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Research and Reports

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