Transparency and Accountability


Locating Transparency and Accountability within Existing Platform Policies. Transparency and accountability is the Fifth Istanbul Principle for CSO Development Effectiveness. CPDE’s Founding document commits the Platform to “adhere to the Istanbul Principles (IP) for CSO Development Effectiveness” and cites “accountability to our members and peers” as part of our Values and Principles.

Process of Policy Development. Since CPDE’s inception, the Byelaws establish an Independent Accountability Committee (IAC) “to ensure that the platform meets the requirements of effective governance and accountability systems.” This Committee made a recommendation in 2016, reiterated in 2017, for CPDE to develop a Transparency and Accountability Policy.

As response to the 2016 IAC Report, the Co-chairs and the Global Secretariat (GS) have committed to the development of such policy. As one of the first steps to get a broad ownership for an Accountability andTransparency Policy, a discussion paper was developed and discussed in the 2017 Global Council (GC). The discussions in the GC generated inputs for the elaboration of this Policy


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