Report to the Public 2017

On the second year of its Strategic Plan, Account, Build, Commit towards Effective People-Centered Development, the CSO Partnership implemented its program with the aim of universalising effective development cooperation (uEDC). This Report reflects the range of activities, the results achieved and the lessons learned from the challenges and successes in the year. All these happened within a political environment where there is continuing emphasis on the private sector in development and intensification of shrinking space of CSOs.

In 2017, the CSO Partnership has been successful in its advocacy to ensure that renewed commitments to principles of effective development cooperation be implemented and monitored as it engaged the Global Partnership, other global policy and advocacy arenas, and stakeholders across regions and sectors.

We have also continued to empower our members through the continuous promotion of the Istanbul Principles in national and sectoral CSOs, the conduct of the Regional Observatorios which facilitate and consolidate the monitoring of development cooperation and partnerships and research, advocacy, and mobilisation efforts happening on the ground. All these have been crucial in institutional strengthening and in achieving our desired impact.

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