CPDE Report to the Public 2015

We are the CSO Partnership for Development Effectiveness (CPDE), an open platform that unites CSOs from around the world on issues of effective development cooperation. We strive to make development more effective by reshaping the global aid architecture and empowering CSOs working on the ground.

In promoting development effectiveness in all areas of work, both within and outside the platform, we push for a human rights-based approach. We work with a strong focus to support country, regional, and sectoral civil society organisations and people’s organisations, combining this with the coordinated regional and global work on development effectiveness.

Effective development cooperation entails a new form of governance and accountability. It necessitates the creation of various engagement mechanisms for different stakeholders, as well as the strengthening of capacities of all actors to enable them to participate on a level playing field. Entry point of stakeholders to these mechanisms should be found at the national level. As such, the CSO Partnership focuses on outreach, capacity development, and delivering results at the country level.

To uphold Development Effectiveness, CSOs continuously work on their own effectiveness as independent development actors. CPDE acts as a platform for involved CSOs to share good practices, lessons learned, and tools used for the implementation of the Istanbul Principles at the country level and beyond.

Our membership spans across regions and sectors and is open to all CSOs who identify with the CSO Key Asks and uphold the Istanbul Principles for CSO Development Effectiveness. Our strength and experience in uniting and empowering CSOs worldwide is a step forward in realising a truly democratic and inclusive society.Photo credits: UNHCR UN Refugee Agency


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