2022 CPDE VNR Study

Seven years have passed since the 2030 Agenda was launched. Although most countries have reported incorporating the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into their national frameworks, progress has stopped there. This 6th edition of CPDE’s VNR series shows widespread lack of consultation mechanisms for stakeholders. For the few CSOs who were able to share recommendations to their governments, almost none have been incorporated into their respective VNRs. SDG processes remain government-centred, while
efforts to build back better, if unchanged, will simply go back to the ways of old where peoples’ rights are curtailed and development is exclusive. Through the lens of Effective Development Cooperation (EDC), the CPDE VNR study outlines recommendations the development community can use to reconfigure its recovery roadmap.

Main Messages:

  1. Governments must cascade the ownership of the SDGs from the national to the local levels.
  2. Institutionalised and broad-based multi-stakeholder consultations that include civil society, especially those from the marginalised sectors, must be mainstreamed in the implementation of the 2030 Agenda.
  3. Unlock barriers to transparency of the 2030 Agenda by allowing citizen verification and scrutiny of SDG processes.
  4. Reform government processes and budget planning to be more evidencebased and results-driven.
  5. Establish a national resilience plan that targets the most adversely affected.

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Annual VNR Study

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