CSO Partnership for Development Effectiveness
Engagement to the GPEDC Senior Level Meeting

July 12 to 15, 2019

New York City, United States

The First Senior Level Meeting (SLM) of the Global Partnership for Effective Development Cooperation (GPEDC) will be held from July 13 to 14 at the UN Headquarters in New York. This year’s SLM is happening at the sidelines of the UN High Level Political Forum. With the theme Addressing How We Work Together, For More Sustainable Development Outcomes, the SLM will contribute the implementation of the 2030 Agenda over the next decade.

The SLM is an important milestone for the GPEDC to sustain momentum on effectiveness agenda and to showcase the completed work and outcomes of the GPEDCs 2017-2018 Work Programme. Holding the SLM during the weeks of the HLPF is intended also to raise the profile of GPEDC within UN circles.

CPDE has been actively engaged in all aspects of the GPEDCs work. This includes in its governance structure, in the implementation of its Work Programme, in the rollout of the monitoring framework, in the Global Partnership initiatives and activities at the national level. The SLM will showcase all of these initiatives and CPDE will participate in a manner equal to its involvement in the GPEDC as a whole.

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CPDE preparatory meeting

12 July (AM)

CPDE Coordination Committee members and CPDE Global Secretariat

CSO Forum
Addressing Accountability, Strengthening Advocacy for Effective Development Cooperation

2 July (PM)

All CSO delegates
Open to the public


13-14 July

All CSO delegates

CPDE Coordination Committee meeting

15 July

CPDE Coordination Committee members and CPDE Global Secretariat

International Organising Committee

  • Justin Kilcullen
  • Richard Ssewakiryanga
  • Eva Ekelund
  • Reileen Dulay
  • Matt Simonds

CPDE Representative to the Steering Committee

  • Richard Ssewakiryanga

​CPDE Representative to the SLM Core Group

  • Beverly Longid

CPDE Co-chairs

  • Justin Kilcullen
  • Richard Ssewakiryanga
  • Beverly Longid
  • Marita Gonzalez
  • Monica Novillo

Representatives to the SLM Session Planning Groups

Session 1:
Effective Development Co-operation to achieve the SDGs – Concrete examples of what works
– Beverly Longid

Session 2:
Implementation of the Effectiveness Principles – Practical Lessons from Stakeholders and Country Evidence
– Justin Kilcullen

Session 3:
Contributing to the SDGs in practice: Adapting effectiveness to respond to new and context-specific challenges
3a: Effectiveness in Fragile and Conflict-Affected Situations – Izabella Toth/ Emeline Siale Ilolahia
3b: Effectiveness in South-South Co-operation – Marita Gonzalez/ Lyn Angelica Pano
3c: Policy Space for Development Effectiveness – Richard Ssewakiryanga/ Justin Kilcullen
3d: Effective Triangular Co-operation – Marita Gonzalez/ Lyn Angelica Pano

Session 4:
Working with the Private Sector for the SDGs at Country Level: New Partnership Principles
-Jennifer del Rosario-Malonzo

Session 5:
Effectiveness for sustainable development: Exploring challenges and potential for the future
-Monica Novillo

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