Guidelines for CPDE Membership

Any organisation who wishes to become part of CPDE shall follow the process presented below:

As mandated by the CPDE Bye-Laws, CPDE is open to all CSOs,1 including individual organisations or consortiums (networks, platforms, or alliances) which:

  • share the objectives, mission, vision, and strategic plan of the platform;
  • adhere to the Istanbul CSO Development Effectiveness Principles (2010),2 Busan Partnership for Development Effectiveness (2011), 3 and the Nairobi Declaration for Development Effectiveness (2012) 4 and, as per a subsequent GC decision of 2016; and
  • are willing to pay the membership fee of USD 20.00 annually as stipulated in these guidelines.

Duties and responsibilities of CPDE members

  1. Participate and engage in CPDE activities from the national to global levels, where appropriate. Each member organisation should actively participate in at least one working group or thematic group or regional/country structure;
  2. Embrace the Istanbul Principles, CSO Key Asks, and CSO Strategic Planning document, and integrate them into its programmes;
  3. Be an instrument to broaden the reach of the platform in policy, advocacy, and membership;
  4. Contribute to the implementation of CPDE plans of action;
  5. Elect representatives for the CPDE governance bodies, as applicable; and
  6. Payment of annual dues.

Process of membership

  1. All interested organisations shall submit a Letter of Intent (LOI) to the GS, preferably through the online registration form at Applicants will be asked to confirm their adherence to key CPDE mandate, key positions, and documents, and asked to provide evidence of their status and main activities. Prospective CSOs will be asked to select one sector or region through which they want to apply for membership.
  2. The GS shall acknowledge the application to the applicant. The said application will be forwarded to the region/ sector for processing.
  3. In some cases, the head of the region/sector may ask the prospective applicant for additional documents or requirements for verification
  4. The prospective applicant shall await feedback after a month after an application was lodged. The communication, whether approve or disapprove, will be made by the Global Secretariat.
1 (a) non-governmental and not for profit; and (b) espousing a common purpose for the rights and interests of a particular public sector or the whole of society.
2 Istanbul CSO Development Effectiveness 
3 Busan Partnership for Development Effectiveness 
4 Nairobi Declaration for Development Effectiveness 

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