15 December 2022

In a statement following the Third High-Level Meeting of the Global Partnership for Effective Development Cooperation (GPEDC) (HLM3) in Geneva, civil society organisations (CSO) under the platform CSO Partnership for Development Effectiveness (CPDE) acknowledged key milestones achieved in the Summit, and vowed to continue championing the effectiveness agenda.

The document listed these milestones to move the agenda forward:

  • the mixed participation which may signal revitalised political buy-in of the effectiveness agenda;
  • the emphasis on building trust to make development cooperation more effective, especially to enable civil society, that was a running theme throughout the Summit; and,
  • the new delivery model anchored on the revised monitoring framework that seeks to rally multi-stakeholder dialogue and action at country level.

The civil society delegates especially claimed contributing greatly towards these milestones by calling on development stakeholders to:

  • uphold the importance of the Effectiveness Agenda with the core business as its foundation;
  • provide an enabling environment for CSOs in light of shrinking and closing civic spaces;
  • hold the private sector accountable based on the Kampala Principles;
  • address the systemic causes in reversing the impacts of ongoing conflicts, to prevent an irreversible web of sustained crises; and promote stability and just peace in conflict-affected areas; and,
  • deliver on climate finance commitments.

Around 60 civil society delegates from around the world participated in the Summit in person, to bring the sector’s positions. The delegation also held its action called the Unmet Gala, which featured the same positions messages around effective development cooperation, climate finance, conflict and fragility, private sector engagement, and shrinking civic space.

The full document is available in English here, Spanish here, and in French here.

“CSOs are known for their determination, optimism and creativity in the face of dire circumstances. We will continue to be relentless champions of the effectiveness agenda and do our part to deliver a just and sustainable development,” the statement concludes.#




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