Call for Consultancy: Development of tool for Istanbul Principles implementation review


Call for Expression of Interest for Consultancy Services to Develop an Online Assessment Tool for the Constituency Review of the Implementation of the Istanbul Principles

The CSO Partnership for Development Effectiveness (CPDE) is seeking consultancy services to develop an online assessment tool for CSOs to review their implementation of the Istanbul Principles and to conduct the assessment among CPDE members using this tool.


CPDE has embarked on a program to promote the universal application of EDC for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). A target outcome of the program is to have reinforced the application and recognition of the CSO Development Effectiveness (CSO DE) principles, also known as the Istanbul Principles. CSOs generally reflect on their own effectiveness in development on a regular basis yet challenges remain in terms of how the global CSO effectiveness principles can be applied based on the context and realities of the countries and sectors. The current political environment increasingly denies CSOs of enabling environment to operate resulting in, at least in part, the decrease in the capacity of CPDE members to implement their own effectiveness.

One of the activities that will support this outcome is the CSO Effectiveness Review, where CPDE will conduct an online self-assessment that will be accessible to a wide variety of CSOs. To aid the CSO Effectiveness Review, the CPDE wishes to develop an assessment tool for CSOs to review their effectiveness.

Objectives of the consultancy:

  1. To design an online tool that will be used by CSOs to assess their implementation of the Istanbul Principles, based on but not limited to, an initial mapping of indicators drawn up by the CPDE Global Secretariat
  2. To conduct an assessment among CPDE members using the tool to assess their effectiveness
  3. To encode, process and analyse the results of the assessment
  4. To present the results and analysis in a written report

Outputs of the consultancy:

  1. An online tool containing indicators that will serve as a survey instrument for CSOs to self-evaluate their implementation of the Istanbul Principles
  2. Encoded and processed responses
  3. Report on the analysis of assessment results

Call details:

  1. Quotations should be written in English and submitted by email as an attachment to on or before 4 May 2021, 1700 Manila, Philippines.
  2. A contract may be awarded to the supplier representing the best value for money, i.e. lowest-priced technically-compliant among the submitted offers
  3. In the case two quotations are evaluated and are found to be of the same ranking, the contract will be awarded to supplier with the most satisfactory record of service delivery with CPDE.

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