Account, Build, Commit: CSO Partnership for Development Effectiveness Strategic Plan 2016-2019

The Paris-Accra-Busan process and subsequent High-level Meeting (HLM) in Mexico have seen a shift from aid effectiveness to development effectiveness yet many promises still remain unfulfilled. Recent estimations of the amount of non-compliance to 0.7% commitment of ODA (Official Development Assistance) agreements since 2000 would add up to just over 2 trillion USD. The reports on progress on the Paris-Accra-Busan agenda showed limited progress on key development co-operation measures.

The 2030 process has now set one single universal development agenda. This gives the development efforts new and common ground; however it lacks clarity and perspective.

The promotion of the private sector as a development actor and a source of finance has recently been dominating the development discourse. Increasingly, governments favor the influx of capital and, thus, the control corporations exert over national (even global) policies rather than heed the voice of their citizens. We see states favoring privatization of public services, such as water and sanitation, telecommunications, and financial markets. Moreover, these global corporations garner an expanding control over the terms of trade and commercial agreements. Further, democratic processes are eroded through policies included in these agreements such as investor-state dispute settlement, which allows corporations to sue governments in tribunals established outside of national constitutions. This over-emphasis of the private sector’s role has only weakened the mandate of the state. Multilateralism is at risk as international governance is rapidly changing under the pressure of the economic and financial powers. Accountability of private finance is severely lacking and necessitates more than ever a concerted effort to correct structural changes and to ensure that development is transparent, accountable, and people-centred.


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