2018-2019 Bridge Fund Programme Report

Civil society engagement of the effective development cooperation (EDC) agenda is relevant today, more than ever. Civil society has achieved incremental policy gains in the Nairobi Outcome Document (NOD) of the 2016 Global Partnership for Effective Development Cooperation High Level Ministerial Meeting (GPEDC HLM2) specifically in the commitment to address closing/shrinking civic spaces and promotion of private sector accountability. This remains to the level of norm-setting at global level. Repression of basic freedoms, ineffective practices in development cooperation, and unethical business practice remains prevalent. The challenge of implementing the commitments of the Nairobi Outcome Document (NOD) into reality remains to be an important work for all development stakeholders.

On a broader policy context, Agenda 2030 and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) require the transformation of development cooperation strategies and systems in all countries to be implemented successfully.1 There is ongoing work on monitoring the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Agenda 2030. In 2017, the first wave of Voluntary National Reporting (VNR) commenced. Since its conception, an annual monitoring of initiatives at the country level has been planned to feed into the development of the new Global Sustainable Development Report in 2019. This three-year stocktaking report will be launched during the 2019 High Level Political Forum (HLPF), which may possibly run simultaneously with the GPEDC HLM/SLM.


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