CPDE and the Global Partnership

4th Monitoring Round (4MR)

The Global Partnership monitoring exercise is a country-led and voluntary exercise that measures efforts to make development cooperation more effective on the ground in accordance with the four effectiveness principles. It tracks progress in meeting agreed commitments. 

The Global Partnership monitoring is the official source of data for three SDG targets: 

  • SDG 17.15: Respect each country’s policy space and leadership
  • SDG 17.16: Multi-stakeholder partnerships for development
  • SDG 5.c: Adopt and strengthen sound policies and enforceable legislation for promotion of gender equality and the empowerment of all women and girls
Core question to address
To what extent are sub-national governments, parliaments, civil society organisations, the private sector, foundations, and trade unions included in the development process?
  • Engagement and dialogue
  • Parliamentary oversight
  • Enabling environment for CSOs
  • Private sector engagement
  • State and Use of Country Systems
    What is the state of countries’ core systems for development co-operation and how do development partners align and use them?
  • Planning
  • Respect country’s policy space
  • Public financial management
  • National budget
  • Gender budgeting
  • Accountability mechanisms
  • Information management
  • Procurement
  • Transparency
    What actions are partner countries and development partners taking to make development co-operation transparent?
  • Countries’ action
  • Development partners’ action
  • Leaving No One Behind (LNOB)
    How is everyone consulted and targeted in development co-operation? And is disaggregated data available to monitor progress?
  • Consultation
  • Targets and results
  • Data and statistics
  • The new framework has also integrated an assessment of the Kampala Principles on Private Sector Engagement in Development Co-operation (KPA). In addition, there is an option for countries facing fragile and post-conflict situations to conduct the monitoring using a separate questionnaire adapted to their situations.  The new framework has put a new emphasis on the LNOB, as a main monitoring theme.

    The technical guidance gives a complete overview of the monitoring framework. 

    Annex 1 The 4MR questionnaire (i.e., the indicators)

    Annex 7 Official guidance note for civil society engagement in the

    Information on the roll-out of the fourth monitoring round including the list of participating countries is regularly updated on the GPEDC website Global EDC Dashboard. 

    At the country level, a national coordinator, appointed by the partner country government, who is usually an official sitting at the ministry overseeing the management of development cooperation, organises the participation of development partners and other actors, making use of existing dialogue or co-ordination mechanisms for engagement, when possible. Following their participation, countries receive country results briefs that provide a detailed account of their results. This results brief can be used to better understand and disseminate findings, as well as jointly plan and take action with stakeholders. 

    National coordinators will invite domestic actors from different stakeholder groups to participate in the exercise and, if relevant, to report on specific questions (for example, a civil society focal point is invited to assess the environment for civil society to operate in the country).

    Our activities and support:

    Training on CSO engagement in the 4MR

    CPDE intends to hold a training on civil society engagement in the 4th Monitoring Round in December 2023.

    Report launch

    CPDE will summarise evidence gathered and engagement at the country level into a report.

    Country CSO engagement facilitation

    CPDE will offer support where possible to country CSOs wishing to engage in the national level official monitoring process.


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