Private Sector Watch - Global Synthesis Report

The private sector is recognised as a crucial actor in development cooperation. It is touted as an agent of change, a stimulator of economic growth and innovation, and a vital partner for various international, national, and subnational institutions in pushing for technological advancement, infrastructural improvement, and other forms of progress.1

Private sector engagement (PSE) in development cooperation is defined as “any activity that aims to engage the private sector for development results, which involve the active participation of the private sector.”2 However, over the past decades, the consequences of countless public-private partnerships and other modes of PSE in development cooperation have also exposed the sector’s challenges and limitations. There is also the urgent need for other development actors to enhance their coordination with and monitoring of private sector entities in order to minimise the risks to marginalised sectors and the environment, while ensuring development effectiveness. In this context, the CSO Partnership for Development Effectiveness (CPDE) has focused on private sector engagement and accountability as one of its policy objectives. CPDE’s Task Force on Private Sector Engagement (PSE TF), led by The Reality of Aid Network, initiated the Private Sector Watch: an online repository of information monitoring private sector engagement in development cooperation, featuring case studies from around the world. Through research initiatives under the Private Sector Watch (PSW), civil society organisations gather data and
monitor PSE in the context of development cooperation.


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