CPDE-LAC holds training on Network and Project Management

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CPDE-LAC held its regional training on network and project management last Thursday and Friday, 10 and 11 November. Both sessions were conducted over Zoom and were attended by more than 28 CSO representatives.

The content used in the training was based on the Cap Dev training and facilitator guides, which can be found here: https://csopartnership.org/capacity-development-for-csos

Participants came from the following countries in the Latin America and Caribbean region: Dominican Republic, Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay, and Argentina.

The first day dealt with the topic of Network Management. The following topics were addressed:


Introduction and discussion on CPDE LAC.
  1. Regional context, forms of programming, planning and coordination, involvement in global processes
  2. Challenges identified by the LAC Regional Assembly in network development and engagement.
  3. Plenary/questions and answers
CPDE as an advocacy network for the effectiveness agenda
  • Global Context: CPDE and the effectiveness agenda
  • Getting to know CPDE/ Advocacy Network Areas and Working Groups
  • CPDE Global Challenges
  • Q&A



Plenary – Discussion session
2 key questions
  1. How can we use CPDE as an advocacy tool from regional to global level?
  2. What could we commit to – place ourselves in something CPDE does e.g. Private Sector Engagement (PSE), Climate Finance (CF), Development Effectiveness (DE), Enabling Environment (EE), Triple Nexus Humanitarian, Development and Peace (HDP).

The second day was on Project Management where the sessions were divided as follows:

Session 1 – CPDE Project Cycle Management
  1. Identifying the challenges of development partners in project management
  2. Presentation of CPDE project cycle management
1. What are the challenges of project implementation in your CSO?

2. How do you solve or plan to solve these challenges?
Session 2 – Programming and monitoring EDC results
  1. Scope of partners’ current EDC programmes
  2. Presentation of CPDE programme areas and monitoring of outcomes
Workshop on development partners:
(i) challenges in monitoring results
(ii) problem-solving measures to respond to challenges

You can access the slides used in the training here.


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