CPDE at COP27: Global civil society demands world leaders to deliver climate justice towards Just Transition

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CSO Partnership for Development Effectiveness (CPDE)’s delegation at the 27th session of the Conference of Parties (COP27) is calling on world leaders to upscale and deliver on climate finance commitments in order to meet the urgent need for sustainable and effective climate response.

While the impacts of climate change are already breaching the adaptation limits of nations and communities, and little to zero progress has been made in delivering on the commitments made towards mitigation and adaptation since the past Conferences, our global civil society platform, together with the larger CSO movements, demands climate justice by pushing forward the following demands:

Realign climate finance with the Effective Development Cooperation (EDC) principles by incorporating democratic ownership, focus on results, transparency and accountability, and the inclusion of CSOs in climate-related discussions and decision-making processes. The latter is a very pressing issue as last COP26 had more delegates with the fossil fuel industry than Indigenous Peoples and participants from countries worst affected by the climate crisis. Moreover, Egypt, which hosts the COP, is typically repressive of activism domestically, with a very high number of activists, including climate activists, incarcerated under the current administration.

Decolonise climate finance in line with the principle of common but differentiated responsibilities (CBDR) by upscaling commitments from developed countries, towards climate mitigation, and specifically loss and damage. It is also urgent to properly fund climate-induced migrations, internal and external displacement, relocation, and resettlement, and to increase access to financing and technology transfer for countries in the Global South. This also requires donors to prioritise grants over loans, and desist from double-counting climate finance commitments as Official Development Assistance (ODA).

Align climate resilience and response policies with the imperative for a Just Transition. This means putting people over profit, adopting a transformative and sustainable model for consumption and production, and refraining from financing unsustainable projects and false solutions that adversely affect the people, the environment, and the world’s biodiversity.

To build more on these demands, CPDE is co-hosting an official side event on 12 November 2022 centered on the issue of putting people and real solutions at the heart of climate action, where CPDE delegates will speak on operationalising development effectiveness principles in climate finance discourse, processes and negotiations.

Please visit the CPDE page on COP27 to read our publications and latest updates on our engagements.#




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