PHOTO GALLERY: CPDE-LAC holds Regional Meeting and Assembly in Mexico


The Latin American and Caribbean constituency of the CSO Partnership for Development Effectiveness (CPDE-LAC) held a meeting between its member organisations in Mexico City on 13, 14 and 15 October, 2022.

After more than two years of not having face-to-face meetings due to the pandemic, the meeting brought together more than 15 organisations from 12 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean that have been engaged in the platform and are developing activities linked or related to its strategies, campaigns and advocacies, especially in the framework of its 2020-2023 Strategic Plan.

In addition to consolidating support and coordinating activities on the main CPDE themes (Effective Development Cooperation and as well as other related agendas: Agenda 2030, Climate Finance, Enabling Environment, Istanbul Principles, and Post-Covid Recovery among others), this meeting was used to analyse, discuss and mobilise action related to the Effective Development Summit (High Level Meeting – HLM3) to be held in Switzerland in December 2022.

In terms of on-the-ground support, it has been of interest to promote case studies, research, forums and capacity building for political action (mobilisation and advocacy) that collectively or individually to expand or improve our actions aimed at regional or country institutions.

The face-to-face meeting was divided into two forums: a space for analysis, reflection and proposals for action to implement the 2022-2023 plan; and CPDE-LAC’s Regional Assembly to review, validate and formalise its various internal governance structures.

The following coordinators, members and focal points were present:

  • CPDE-LAC Coordination
    • Georgina Muñoz, Nicaragua (RENICC/LATINDADD)
    • Henry Morales, Guatemala (Tzuk Kim-pop)
      Malena Famá, Argentina (Red Encuentro)
  • CPDE Steering Committee (SC)
    • Marita González, Argentina (Plataforma PAMPA 2030 and SC Co-chair)
  • CPDE-LAC sub-regional coordination
    • Laura Becerra, Mexico (DECA Equipo Pueblo) – Mexico and Central America representative
  • CPDE Global Secretariat
    • Josefina Villegas, Policy and Membership Coordinator
  • Sectoral and regional members/focal points
    • Angie Pino, Colombia (Actoría Social Juvenil, Youth Sector)
    • Ricardo Jiménez, Peru (Forum Solidaridad – Rural Sector – Food Sovereignty)
    • Rodrigo Machado, Brazil (PCFS – Rural Sector – Food Sovereignty)
    • Tania Sánchez, Bolivia (Coordinadora de la Mujer – Feminist Sector)
    • José Ramón Ávila, Honduras (ASONOG)
    • Heriberto Martín, Guatemala (Congcoop)
    • Rubén Quintanilla, El Salvador (Funsalprodese)
    • Mónica Centrón, Paraguay (Pojoaju)
    • Cristina Prego, Uruguay (Anong)
    • Jared Ortíz, Dominican Republic (Partnership NGO)
    • Pedro Paulo Bocca, Brazil (ABONG)
    • César Artiga, El Salvador (Asociación Generaciones de Paz, Sector Agenda Climática)
    • Georfra Moreno, Nicaragua (RENICC)

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