CPDE’s demands for effective private sector engagement in development cooperation

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What are the demands of the global platform CSO Partnership for Development Effectiveness (CPDE) to effectively engage private sector in development cooperation? Civil society organisations under CPDE ask all development actors “ensure that the private sector adheres to development effectiveness principles, and standards for human rights, labour, and transparency and accountability.”

More specifically, CPDE asks businesses to abide by guidelines set by the International Labour Organisation, the United Nations, and the OECD. CPDE asserts that states should play the central role in providing public goods and services and universal social protection. Concretely, CPDE proposes ending development financing for businesses that privatise basic social services, undermine people’s livelihood, and increases inequality.

Further, CPDE asks governments and civil society to work together to ensure the highest standards for transparency and accountability. CPDE advocates the recognition and protection of communities’ development rights, and the promotion of small and medium-size enterprises and local entrepreneurs, in support for national industrialization. Finally, CPDE demands the strengthening of labour protection, and the promotion of the right to collective bargaining, trade union formation, and collective action.


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