Call for applicants: Country Social Enterprise Technical Adviser

CPDE Stockholm workshop

The CSO Partnership for Development Effectiveness (CPDE) is an open platform that brings together CSOs, as well as thematic groups and sectors, from different countries to engage in development cooperation and the effectiveness agenda. It works to make development more responsive by contributing to reshape the global aid architecture and providing technical support to CSOs engaging with development partners.

Towards crafting a strategy for private sector engagement in development cooperation advocacy, CPDE identified social enterprises as potential partners in this endeavor. It then sought a partnership with the Institute for Social Entrepreneurship in Asia (ISEA) to explore how their member civil society organizations may potentially engage social enterprises as partners in development cooperation advocacy. This project, “Social Enterprises as Potential Partners in Development Cooperation Advocacy,” is ISEA’s response to CPDE’s offer for partnership.

CPDE members from 8 countries have committed to participate: Indonesia and the Philippines in Asia; El Salvador and Argentina in Latin America; Tanzania and Zimbabwe in Eastern Africa; Palestine in Middle East and North Africa, and Albania in Europe.

We are then seeking Social Enterprise Technical Advisers, who should be recognised social enterprise practitioner, scholar and/or supporter who is knowledgeable about the context and key actors in the social enterprise sector and their partnerships, if any, with civil society organisations and networks – in the specific country.

In particular, the Country Social Enterprise Technical Adviser shall work with the country research team to:

  1. Provide inputs about the country context that defines the broader environment within which the social enterprise sector is evolving/developing;
  2. Serve as resource person on the state of the social enterprise sector including their advocacy initiatives and collaboration with civil society in the country;
  3. Provide contacts and linkages for potential key informants/participants from relevant civil society organisations/networks, social enterprise practitioners/ networks, social enterprise resource institutions, and government agencies that can be engaged by the country team in the action research and country dialogue;
  4. Provide leads and contacts on potential social enterprise emblematic cases that can be featured as caselets to exemplify models of social enterprise and their engagements with the poor and marginalised sector;
  5. Provide inputs useful to the in analysis of the action research results;
  6. Review the country action research report and recommend changes/refinements relevant to the objectives of the action research, the outline agreed upon and and mindful that the report will input into a process of defining CSO-SE agenda for development effectiveness at the country and global levels;
  7. Participate in the country dialogue and provide relevant inputs to the country SE-CSO Advocacy Agenda for Development Effectiveness resulting from the country dialogue.

More details are in this document. Please submit your application letter and resume to: until 18 April 2022.


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