In focus: Advancing inclusive and participatory policy dialogue through regional coordination of country initiatives


In the Arab Region, advocacy efforts that raise civil society concerns resulted in more inclusive and participatory policy dialogue moving away from consultations that mostly have a government’s selective approach and limited scope of civil society engagement. The strategic partnership ANND has with CPDE and its ongoing work on development effectiveness have significantly contributed to this achievement.

ANND has engaged in monitoring, research and advocacy work in relation to Agenda 2030 and has implemented several activities at national, regional and international levels. This included developing capacity building materials for awareness-raising and policy engagement around A2030. The regional platform also organised national multi-stakeholder meetings on sustainable development and regional meetings for civil society to formulate recommendations and advocacy for the Arab Forum on Sustainable Development process. ANND has also actively engaged in the High-Level Political Forum through the process for monitoring the implementation of the Agenda 2030 through voluntary national reviews, and by developing civil society spotlight reports, organising side events and engaging members at spaces available for civil society engagement. On the other hand, being part of the Reflection Group and other international coordination groups like Action for Sustainable Development, ANND has also echoed civil society concerns on achieving sustainable development at international level. In the last few years, CPDE related work was undertaken in a systematic way, integrated within ANND’s five strategic objectives. This resulted in direct linkages of outcomes achieved from national, regional and international activities.

Assessment undertaken on the implementation of A2030 and its Goals was directly linked to the ongoing partnership between ANND-CPDE. ANND raised relevant points on the development effectiveness agenda and A2030 in its participation in the Arab Forum on Sustainable Development 2021. Likewise, the activities of its members at the national level reflect the same regarding civil society’s role in achieving development, partnerships and accountability. 

Overall, ANND’s work contributed to civil society’s efforts in improving the regional process of monitoring A2030 implementation. This was done by engaging in discussions and organising side events at important regional and global events. Research work on the development effectiveness (DE) principles has been supported by CPDE. ANND also contributed in CPDE’s global effort to investigate the effectiveness of COVID response. The regional platform worked on 5 case studies on Lebanon, Egypt, Iraq, Yemen and Algeria. The cases contributed to CPDE’s global report aimed at developing policy recommendations especially on development cooperation, human rights and social justice.

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