The People’s Track to Food Security, Genuine Development and Just Peace


The People’s Coalition on Food Sovereignty (PCFS) together with seventeen other organizations is staging a counter-event to the corporate-dominated UN Food Systems Summit (UN FSS) scheduled for this September. The Global People’s Summit for a Just, Equitable, Healthy and Sustainable Food Systems (GPS) has designated the effects of war, sanction, and occupation as key areas for focus in the absence of serious discussion at the UNFSS of the critical role that conflict plays in driving hunger and in ushering in policies that advantage corporate agribusiness over local food systems.

While the UNFSS has dedicated a track (Track 5) to “building resilience to vulnerabilities, shocks and stress,” its apolitical approach, in which a term like war is scarcely if ever mentioned, stands to obscure these vital topics. We must speak about the effects of military and economic interventionism with clarity in order to reject the violence forces that bolster neoliberal capture of our markets and take so many of our resources and lives.

This event is one in a series of online events being held in the lead-up to #Siege the Summit. The aims of these pre-summit events are: (1) to expose the injustices and unsustainability in our food systems, (2) to mobilize against the corporate capture of the UNFSS, and (3) to highlight people-powered solutions to the crisis. To read more about the PCFS-led Global People’s Summit on Food Systems please click here.

We invite those living in protracted crises and people’s movements working on related issues from around the world to discuss this global topic. Together we will examine the problems at hand, share solutions, and envision a world less burdened by these forces. We also extend an invitation to UNFSS Track 5 organizers and government members to witness the event as observers.

The outcomes of the event will help shape the direction of the GPS in the fall. They will also be sent to the UN FSS organizers, including Track 5 organizers, to highlight what can be accomplished through an inclusive and meaningful discussion of conflict and fragility and through the leadership of affected communities.

This event is organized by the People’s Coalition on Food Sovereignty (PCFS), the Arab Network for Food Sovereignty, the Arab Group for the Protection of Nature, Dibeen Association for Environmental Development, Support for Women in Agriculture and Environment (SWAGEN), the CSO Partnership for Development and Effectiveness (CPDE) Rural Sector, and the CPDE Working Group on Conflict and Fragility.

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