CALL FOR EXPRESSION OF INTEREST: Virtual Global Workshop for the CSO Aid Observatorio Training Handbook


CPDE calls on its members to submit an expression of interest to join the Virtual Global Workshop for the CSO Aid Observatorio Training Handbook, to be held end of May 2021.

Deadline of submission is April 26, 2021.

A short background is pasted below, but interested parties can check out the FINAL CONCEPT + CALL FOR EOI – Observatorio Workshop (available in English, Spanish, and French) for complete details. #


In 2020, RoA-AP and CPDE Asia developed the CSO Aid Observatorio Training Handbook and conducted a Virtual Pilot Workshop discussing the Handbook contents mainly because the two networks aim to increase the capacities and enhance the skills of CSOs and peoples’ organizations in doing development cooperation work.

The Workshop serves as a capacity development initiative that aims to introduce the CSO Aid Observatorio Training Handbook to the members and encourage them to echo the workshop in their respective organizations and/or partner communities. The workshop also allows members to share best practices on CSO partnerships and exercise people’s research that shall directly benefit the CSO Aid Observatorio Platform.

The Training Handbook caters not only to the seasoned CSOs but also to the new wave of CSOs, activists, researchers, and other development stakeholders with the ultimate goal to deliver the objectives of the CSO Aid Observatorio Platform.

The Observatorio Platform’s objectives are as follows:
1. Promote awareness and transparency on the management of aid by recipient governments and other development cooperation providers;
2. Aid research and analysis on the trends and impacts of development projects and public-private partnerships;
3. Assist engagement of CSOs with recipient and donor governments and other providers for the effective and efficient use of public funds and for the protection of human rights and democracy;
4. Assist advocacy campaigns of communities or grassroots and peoples’ organizations for the assertion of their democratic rights and for seeking transparency and accountability from governments and other providers; and
5. Facilitate shared learning and discourse among CSOs, policymakers, academia, media, and activists for the promotion of a human rights-based, people-powered sustainable development and forwarding of critical solutions or recommendations.

Explore the CSO Aid Observatorio Platform:
Download the Training Handbook:

This 2021, RoA-AP has been contracted by the CPDE Global Secretariat to conduct the Global Workshop on the CSO Aid Observatorio. RoA-AP, thus, invites country focal points to submit applications for the Global Workshop.

At the end of the Workshop, the participants will be able to:
1. Reflect the transformations in the aid architecture and development cooperation;
2. Situate development cooperation concepts and examples in the current context;
3. Discuss new challenges and emerging trends in development cooperation policies and practices;
4. Encourage CSOs to practice re-imagined ways of aid monitoring and policy engagement;
5. Harness CSOs’ capacities in research, monitoring, and analysis to contribute to the CSO Aid Observatorio Platform;
6. Harness CSOs’ capacities to develop national-level CSO Aid Observatorio Platform; and
7. Adapt or modify the global workshop program to conduct national-level CSO Aid Observatorio Workshop.


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