FROM THE GROUND UP | Assessing Country-Level CSO Actions and Advocacies for Effective Development

Work on the ground has always been vital for civil society. This is a central tenet reflected in this Synthesis Report, which brings together the narratives of actions implemented by civil society organisations in over forty countries during 2017 and 2018.

These country actions were intended to aid in enacting local development priorities and initiatives, while increasing capacities for mobilisation, monitoring, and knowledge sharing. The country actions also correspond with three priorities that serve as the central framework for the assessments and perspectives provided in this report: effective development cooperation commitments and Agenda 2030; CSO development effectiveness and accountability; and the creation of an enabling environment for CSOs.

With this report, the CPDE shows how its advocacy priorities are translated at the country level, and highlights the contributions of local CSOs to the universal application of effective development principles and the implementation of Agenda 2030 and sustainable development goals.



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