CSO application process to participate in the Senior Level Meeting (SLM), now open



Constituency representatives will be selected based on their substantial work on people’s issues, as it relates to development cooperation, and communities on the ground, and their capacity to represent the interests and positions of CSOs. Representatives must also strike a balance between technical expertise and/or political knowledge on the issue of aid and development cooperation, and development effectiveness. Representatives should also demonstrate organisational work and personal commitments on the effective development cooperation agenda.

Selection of participants will be according to organisation and the person designated by the organisation.

Responsibilities of the CPDE Delegation

Participants that have been selected to represent civil society at the official meetings of the HLM2 will bear the following accountabilities to their constituencies at national, regional and international levels:

  • Whenever applicable, participate in national, regional, and/or thematic consultations/meetings (as per the case) in preparation for the SLM;
  • Take part in preparatory CSO discussions for the SLM and attend the CSO Forum;
  • Attend CSO preparatory and debriefing meetings arranged before, after or during the official segment and side events at SLM;
  • Whenever necessary, be ready to intervene and participate in the discussions during the official segment and side events to advance CPDE positions;
  • Engage and educate own government or any GPEDC stakeholders to champion CSO positions;
  • Commit to a timely, thorough, and informative sharing of feedback reports on the participation to the operational and decision-oriented official SLM meetings in order for the Global Secretariat (GS) to coordinate report-back and strategy meetings;
  • Ensure timely, thorough and informative feedback to the national, regional and international CSO stakeholders following the meeting, to reflect back the processes and outcomes, as well as the implications thereof for action and advocacy; and
  • Whenever applicable, commit to real-time feedback of SLM discussions and events to communication channels, especially local and international media.

If you are interested in participating in the GPEDC SLM and other CSO events, please fill out the application form attached (EN, ES, and FR forms are available) and submit to the Global Secretariat, with copy to respective Regional/Sectoral Coordinator. Please refer to the tables below for the names and contact details.

For CSOs who are CPDE non-members, please send your accomplished forms to the Global Secretariat addressed to the CPDE Executive Secretary Reileen Dulay | rdulay@csopartnership.org | and Network Manager Jodel Dacara | jdacara@csopartnership.org |

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