Trade unions promote their development effectiveness principles

New TUDCN pamphlets highlight ‘social dialogue’ in achieving the SDGs. The Trade Union Development Cooperation Network (TUDCN) has developed a leaflet to give visibility and promote trade unions’ vision on development effectiveness.

Trade unions are involved in many solidarity initiatives with partners around the world, through which they promote a development model that puts people and their needs in the centre. To make these initiatives as impactful as possible, the TUDCN has developed a set of eight principles called “Trade Union Development Effectiveness Principles”. These principles look at development from a trade union focus and their aim is to strengthen trade unions’ effectiveness in development cooperation initiatives.  The eight principles are: Democratic ownership, Autonomy, Partnership, Transparency, Coherence, Inclusiveness and equality, and Sustainability.

This leaflet will serve to greater visibility to these principles amongst trade unions and encourage their use in trade union partnerships.

The leaflet is available here:

Also, TUDCN published pamphlets entitled “Social Dialogue to Achieve the Sustainable Development Goals: Formalising the Informal Economy” which comes in four country briefs from Kenya, Costa Rica, Argentina and the Philippines

These  look into how social dialogue is contributing to the SDGs through the formalisation of the informal economy. The briefs summarise the main findings and conclusions in a user-friendly way that includes concise information and infographics.

These brochures highlights the case studies conducted by the TUDCN together with the International Labor Organisation (ILO) in KenyaCosta RicaArgentina, and Philippines.

Click the links to view and download them.


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