Working sessions organised in 2018 FfD

The ICSO sector organised working sessions on 26 to 27 April 2018 at the sidelines of the FfD Forum in New York. The sessions were held in partnership with the CSO FfD Group, which brought together CSO delegates with different expertise and background.

Sessions for Day 1 were dedicated to a ‘reality check’ of CPDE delegates on the events of the week as well as on organisational matters. The meeting on Day 2 offered a space for a general assessment by CSO experts covering all the FfD pillars, from tax to private investments, from systemic issues to development cooperation.

Sessions included an informal discussion with the team leading the report of the Inter Agency Task Force on progress on FfD Agenda. It was an opportunity to present suggestions as to the best way to further develop opportunities for consultation with the CSOs, especially in light of the preparations for new year’s report.

Another key moment was the dialogue with GPEDC Joint Support Team. Anna Whitson of the United Nations Development Programme presented the latest news on the GPEDC plans, including the new monitoring round and the Global Action Plan.

There are key take-aways to note: the effectiveness agenda is relevant to the whole FfD framework as it places the partner countries at the centre in which CPDE could potentially offer valuable expertise and capacity. The FfD follow-up process is major opportunity in which working with other platforms such as the CSO FfD group is key to success. 


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