CPDE announces changes in staff assignments​

New staff assignments within the Global Secretariat (GS) of the CSO Partnership for Development Effectiveness (CPDE) were recently announced during the 13th Coordination Committee meeting.

Reileen Joy Dulay, former Network Manager, takes on the role as CPDE Executive Secretary. Reileen heads the GS and coordinates between the platform and IBON International, CPDE’s fiscal sponsor. She is also responsible for ensuring the alignment of CPDE’s annual programme plan and budget with its political directions. You may now contact her at rdulay@csopartnership.org

Jodel Dacara, former Membership Engagement and Capacity Development Officer, will take on the Network Manager position. As Network Manager, he ensures the day-to-day operations of the Global Secretariat, as well as synergy and coordination across all CPDE constituencies and governance structures.  If you want to reach him, please contact jdacara@csopartnership.org

Marc Ignacio will be the new Manager for the European Commission (EC) project. As the EC Project Manager, his work is to coordinate with the European Commission, and monitor implementation of CPDE actions under the project. You may now contact him at mignacio@csopartnership.org

Replacing Jodel is Donna Miranda as the new Membership Engagement and Capacity Development Officer. Crucial to her work is to support the expansion, consolidation, and mobilisation of CPDE members, and coordination efforts of our regional, sectoral, and working group secretariats. Her e-mail address is dmiranda@csopartnership.org


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