Roles and challenges of youth in development effectiveness in Latin America tackled

Buenos Aires, Argentina – The Latin American and Caribbean Youth Forum (Flacj), a member of the alliance of Alliance of CSOs for development effectiveness in Latin America and the Caribbean CPDE, organized a meeting in the autonomous city of Buenos Aires with Latin American youth organizations for reflection and work on topics linked to the problem of the sector last 9 to 11 March 2018.

It was three days of work and integration through workshops and working groups on the agenda for effectiveness development and international cooperation. A working agenda of the young sector for the Latin American region and a roadmap for the coming months was also crafted as a final result.

At the meeting involved local organizations as fundación ses Scouts de Argentina, the international service of public services PSI-Public Services International Celam-Consejo Episcopal Latinoamericano from Chile, ETIS-Equipo de Trabajo e Investigación Social, the center Alternative Development Inti Watana, Gestos soropositividade comunicação and genre of Brazil, Red Colombiana para la Actoría Social Juvenil, Observatory of development cooperation in Ecuador, and Conades Juvenil from Peru.

The main objective of the meeting was to promote areas of articulation and debate on the effectiveness of development and international cooperation, promoting the principles of Istanbul from a young Latin American perspective, as well as strengthening the regional work of youth networks and platforms In the region for the construction of a joint work agenda in the medium and long term.

Some of the demands shared by young people were content related to inclusive and popular education, participation and empowerment of young people as cross-cutting, gender equality, decent work as a human right, the right to health, the environment And good living as a way of life, among others


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