Migrant sector convenes to discuss private sector, migration and development


The CPDE Migrants and Diaspora constituency conducted a Study Meeting on Private Sector, Migration and Development in Beirut, Lebanon on March 6 and 7. The meeting was attended by organizations from different global regions and co-hosted by ABAAD.

The main objective of the study meeting was to articulate the intersection of migration, diaspora, private sector and development. It was expected that the meeting will provide a starting point for the constituency to further study about private sector accountability and later on identify advocacy points based on analysis using the lens of positions already made by the constituency on migration and effective development cooperation. 

The study meeting started with a review of the unities established by the constituency in previous meetings in Istanbul, New York City and Berlin. Afterwards, a discussion ensued on how private sector is being placed in national, regional and international development strategies. Participants also discussed how these strategies are implemented in countries of origin, transit and destination of migrants and diaspora.

From this initial discussion, the participants then turned their attention on role of the private sector on the migration for development framework. Special attention was also given to the Global Forum on Migration and Development (GFMD) where the private sector also plays an active role.

Important points were identified by the constituency on these issues and these points will be consolidated and further explained in a policy brief that will be drafted by the participants for the constituency.

During this meeting, participants also had the opportunity to meet with refugees from Syria and Palestine and to hear real stories about their ongoing struggle in their country of origin, transit and destination. Local civil society organisations representing and helping refugees also contributed to this study meeting. 

On the last evening after the meeting, participants had the chance to socialise and explore the rich history of Lebanon. 


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