CSO EE WG introduces new co-chair

Nurgul Dzhanaeva, Director of Forum on Women’s NGOs of Kyrgyzstan (FWNGO), has been chosen to replace Tony Tujan of IBON International, as new co-chair of WG on EE.

Dzhanaeva has been involved in the development effectiveness and enabling environment issues since the BetterAid and Open Forum on CSO Development Effectiveness days. She has served, in different opportunities, as Central Asia sub-regional focal point and Kyrgyzstan country focal point.

She was involved in preparing for CSO participation in the GPEDC second monitoring round and contributed extensively on country level synthesising research in development cooperation and enabling environment.

At the moment, she also serves as Asia representative to the Feminist Group, and second Asia representative to the CPDE Coordination Committee. She will join Brian Tomlinson in leading the group.


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