CPDE Work at the Countries

In Myanmar, the Local Resource Centre, the country focal will be holding workshop to develop a national CSOs engagement strategy at the national, regional and global on aid and development cooperation. The workshop will take place on 23rd and 24th April 2018 with over 40 CSOs across the country.

Meanwhile, VOICE, the country focal member in Bangladesh organised a two-day training on CSOs Development Effectiveness and CSOs Enabling Environment on 4-5 March 2018 in Dhaka. Local and national CSOs including women organisations attended the training. The objectives were raising their awareness and building capacity on the issues for their further engagement for advocacy collectively. VOICE has also organised a day-long consultation on development effectiveness with CSOs working at the national and local levels in March.

Al Marsad – the Palestinian Social and Economic Policies Monitor, a research, policy and advocacy CSO is organising a two-day International Conference on Social Movements with the theme, “From the Streets to the Platform” on 8-9 August in Ramallah, Palestine. 

Social movements are an important broad framework to express different community issues through organised efforts to advocate for or achieve political, social, economic and cultural gains. They have a particular role under the retreat in the role of political parties in expressing the interests of different social groups and strata.

Many Palestinian social movements were active under the complex condition of settler colonisation and distorted economy. They also played a substantial in the defense of the Palestinian question at local and international levels.

The conference aims to provide a forum for networking among scholars, researchers and social movements’ activists at domestic and global levels. It seeks to present a deeper understanding of these movements and the tools they use in their struggle for more equitable policies. It further examines the potential for merging national challenges and conflicts with global ones (from global to local and from local to global). For more information, visit www.almarsad.ps or the Facebook page of  Social and Economic Policies Monitor. 

CPDE is currently working in 45 countries to cascade the development effectiveness agenda. The rest of the activities will be featured in the upcoming CPDE e-bulletins. 


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