The Global Secretariat

The Global Secretariat (GS) supports the daily management, coordination of activities, and finances of the CSO Partnership. IBON International is the host agent of the Secretariat, maintaining a small and efficient staff to support to the different units, monitor day-to-day activities, develop fundraising proposals and reports, liaise with donors, provide necessary information and communication, and ensure transparent financial management. IBON International handles the core Global Secretariat functions of project and finance management, platform coordination and outreach, as well as communication work.

The following members of the staff constitute the Global Secretariat:

1. Programme Manager (Roberto Pinauin) – The Programme Manager is in charge of project management and coordination, project planning, monitoring and evaluation, and finance management, with guidance from the GC and the CC and in close consultation with the Finance Committee. He maintains a relationship with CPDE’s donors and support the Independent Accountability Committee (IAC). The Programme Manager provides day-to-day supervision to all CPDE staff and reports to the IBON International Director and to the CPDE. In line with their functions, the Programme Manager receives direct advise from the Co-Chairs, especially the Co-Chair for internal governance and finance.

2. Network Manager (Reileen Joy Dulay) – The Network Manager is mainly responsible for network coordination and administration, documentation and information management, and monitoring of CPDE activities. She prepares for and services meetings of the consultations and conferences of the CPDE, including harmonising schedules, drafting the agenda, and providing administrative support. She collects information and verifies matters affecting the work of CPDE, collates and synthesises activity reports, and facilitate the information flow in coordination with the Policy and Advocacy Officer, Communications Officer, and Membership Officer. She coordinates and follows-up the implementation of decisions of CPDE and the different tasks and outputs of the GC in coordination with the all the CPDE Co-Chairs. She liaises and advises CPDE members on their ministerial correspondence, and reviews work practices towards identifying opportunities for streamlining and optimising efficiency. The Global Coordinator reports to the IBON International Director, the CC, and the GC.

3. The Policy Officers (Stephen Tan and Leigh Haynes) are charged with providing the necessary staff-support to further CPDE’s policy and advocacy objectives in contributing to development partnerships. They coordinate with the Global Coordinator and regularly receive direct policy guidance from the CPDE representatives and Co-Chair on policy advocacy. They are mandated to assist in forwarding CPDE objectives in the channels relating to the 2030 Agenda, the UNDCF, and the FFD. They are tasked to liaise with necessary UN bodies to promote CPDE engagement while also providing the necessary support for CPDE working groups engaged in these avenues.

4. Membership Officer (Jodel Dacara) – The Membership Officer maintains a relationship with regional secretariats and sectoral focal points towards coordinating CPDE outreach work in these various levels. He is mainly charged with country process facilitation including conducting regional workshops that will develop capacities of organisations to lead in national consultations. He is also tasked with facilitating good practice research administration. The MEO reports to the IBON International Director and CPDE. He receives guidance from the Co-Chair for Outreach in convening the Outreach Committee and implementing CPDE’s outreach plan.

5. Capacity Development Officer (Jodel Dacara)– The Capacity Development Officer provides a focal point and leadership to efforts around organisational development and learning events. She coordinates CPDE capacity development work with Regional, Sub-regional and Sectoral Focal Points and relevant Working Groups. She coordinates continuing work on outreach and capacity development, especially the implementation of the International Framework for CSO Development Effectiveness and Istanbul Principles.

6. Policy and Communications Coordinator (Mayang Azurin) – In constant consultation with the Communications Committee and the Co-Chair overseeing CPDE communications work, the Policy and Communications Coordinator is tasked with coordination and management of the communications component of CPDE’s advocacies, campaigns and public image, develop communication objectives and communication plans based on the CPDE’s objectives, implement communication plans utilising the CPDE members and positions as resource, and produce IEC materials through different media and outlets. He also manages the platform’s listservs, moderating and updating it as needed.

7. Webmaster (Joy Ramos) – Ensures that the platform has a functional and effective internal communications media. This includes managing the website, intranet facility, and the mailing lists.

8. Finance Manager (Maty Dominong) – to prepare the program budget based on approved plan, ensures finance documentation, monitoring, and reporting, and ensure finance control and audit;

9. Planning Monitoring & Evaluation Officer (Marc Ignacio) to manage and monitor the program activities implemented by the different units and administer the grants to support their work

10. a Program Assistant (Raissa Joplo) to provide overall support to the team, in particular the Network Manager, in the fulfillment of the platform’s programs and initiatives.