CPDE to participate in Korea-organised 2nd Busan Global Partnership Forum

23-24 November will mark the second Busan Global Partnership Forum, which will be held in Seoul, South Korea.

The objective of the Forum is to reflect on progress made in the implementation of the Busan commitments.

These commitments are based on the Busan Partnership for Effective Development Co-operation signed by ministers of developed and developing nations, emerging economies, civil society organisations and other partners at the 4th High-Level Forum (HLF) on Aid Effectiveness in 2011. This declaration envisions and establishes an agreed framework for development co-operation that welcomes traditional donors, South-South co-operators, the BRICS, civil society organisations and private funders. The commitments focus on implementation at the country-level.

CPDE will chair a forum session entitled “Monitoring for Accountability: Civil Society Organisations on GPEDC’s Second Monitoring Round.” The session aims to discuss progress in implementing the Busan Commitments, with a special focus on what happens at country-level. In particular, the session will look at how civil society can contribute to the second round of GPEDC monitoring, which has been recently launched.

Around 35 participants are expected to join the two-hour side event. The participants and panelists are expected to share best practices, challenges and answer questions on GPEDCs monitoring efforts. They will also discuss how to efficiently enhance country-level accountability in a post-2015 landscape.

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