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  • GCmeeting2

    CPDE Global Council confirms members of CPDE governance bodies

    The Global Council (GC), the highest decision-making body of the CSO Partnership, confirmed new members of the Coordination Committee (CC) and GC during its 4th annual meeting held in Nairobi, Kenya on 27 November 2016. New CC and GC members Representative Organisation CPDE position Atama Katama (CC and GC member)

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  • justin0blog

    The GPEDC Second High Level Meeting, Nairobi, 2016: A Perspective.

    by Justin Kilcullen It is now a month since the HLM2 in Nairobi concluded. Looking back, was it a success? Certainly as the HLM concluded the civil society delegates were delighted with the outcome. Here is how it happened. Following an inspiring opening speech by the CPDE co-chair, Tetet Lauron,

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  • newco-chairs

    New CPDE Co-Chairs Selected

    During the fourth Global Council meeting last 27 November 2016 held in Nairobi, Kenya, GC members selected Julia Sanchez of the Canadian Council for International Cooperation and Vitalice Meja of Reality of Aid Africa Network as new Co-Chairs to serve for the next two years. Julia Sanchez and Vitalice Meja

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  • 2016globalsynthesis-report

    2016 CPDE Global Synthesis Report

    Building upon the Global Synthesis Report (SR) 2015 baseline stocktaking on the state of Development Cooperation, CSO Enabling Environment, and CSO Development Effectiveness, the SR 2016 seeks to gauge, at the country-level, the status of the Unfinished or Core Business. These are the commitments made from the First High Level

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